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SEO and Using It To Increase Content Visibility

Search engines like Google have taken over the web, essentially controlling the content we see. Now making your content and putting it on the web is only half the battle. The other half is making it s visible using SEO strategies. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the employment of  various practices that help place your content higher on the list of results returned by a search engine. This helps drive people to your site via organic searches or searches people make with a search engine.

But how do these search engines find you? Search engines use web crawlers which are bots that basically surf and SEO-web-crawlerindex the entire web. These are the little guys that will be finding your content which lead to you getting an SEO score. The SEO score is how your page ranks when someone types your keyword in the search engine.

SEO management is especially important because not only does it increase the visibility to your content but also places you above competing content as well.

SEO all begins with Keywords

Your keyword is the word that you are counting on other people to type in a search engine’s search bar when looking for your content. It’s the word or phrase that you want associated with your content. It is the overall representation of what your content is all about. Because of this your keyword is one of if not the most important part of SEO for your online content.


You want to do sufficient research on your keyword because this is what search engines are going to use to find your content. It’s important to choose a keyword or phrase that people will use in a search bar. If you choose something obscure you may be at the top of a search results list, but its highly unlikely anyone will ever see it. Choosing a keyword that is more general can hurt your SEO as well. If you choose a keyword or phrase that everyone else is already using you are now competing with more sites for that top spot in the search results.

That is why researching your keyword and how many people are using it is extremely important to SEO. Check out this site for more on how to research your keywords.

Need Help With Your SEO Management?

Content is King

Though keyword research is extremely important to your SEO strategies you must also think of your content. SEO is not just about analytics and choosing the right keywords to satisfy the search engine web crawlers. You also need to create well-made and engaging content for your users. Whether you are selling a product or writing a blog you need to make sure whatever it is it’s going to grab and hold people’s attention. Because ultimately you are not creating content for bots on the web but for real human beings.

Should go without saying but make sure you are not plagiarizing other people’s content. Your SEO score is greatly lowered by search engines if they find that you have plagiarized your content from another source.



Both backlinking and internal linking affect your SEO score. Backlinking is the practice of linking to external content from your site and vice versa. This is important towards SEO because it is like a vote of confidence. If someone SEO_linksbacklinks to your site and they are a reputable source, search engine crawlers see that as them vouching for you. Thus your content appears trustworthy and ranks higher on search engine results. But how do you get others to backlink to your site? That’s where inline engagement comes in. By being active in the online community for whatever niche you are in and being helpful and engaging you can earn the community’s trust. With that trust and good content people will begin turning to it and linking to it from their sites.

The same goes for when you backlink to other sites from yours. You are saying that you trust the content being shown on this page and are vouching for them. It is important to remember that you only choose reputable sites when backlinking from yours as it can affect your SEO score.

Internal linking is the practice of linking to other pages within your own site. This builds a site architecture and allows search engine web crawlers to more easily sift through all of your sites content. The more visibility you have to these web crawlers the more likely all of your SEO strategies you have employed will pay off.

The web is a vast space brimming with information. It is important to utilize various SEO strategies in order to be visible in a growing sea of content.

Check out this site for more on SEO management.

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