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Monitoring Your High Blood Pressure From Home


If you are worried about blood pressure, yours or a loved ones you should think about monitoring it from home. However, it is critical to keep up regular doctor visits just to ensure you are making the proper changes to your particular health situation. There is nothing more aggravating than changing your entire lifestyle for something and not getting good results. While this can often take place, you might just require a doctor’s prescribed medication to keep high blood pressure in check.

If you decide to monitor your blood pressure, make sure to keep a record of all readings and keep that record forever. By doing this, you can see what is working and exactly what isn’t reducing or preserving your blood pressure health.


When monitoring blood pressure you have several equipment options to help you in the home or office. You can use an aneroid screen that has a dial gauge and utilizes a guideline to check out readings. You can also use a digital display with the option of an automatic cuff or a digital monitor where your data will flash on the screen. Again, proper cuff fit and its use are vital. You must understand how to work this equipment properly.

Some individuals may recommend utilizing a finger or wrist monitor, but these have been proven less effective. I believe that the majority opinion is that these devices are not as accurate basically because they are more movement sensitive and most importantly more expensive.

When choosing your monitor select one that has the ideal cuff size for you. If you are unsure of what size cuff you need to get, ask you’re medical professional. If the cuff size is incorrect, your reading will be wrong. Therefore you receive no advantage in the end.

If you want to be sure you are correctly using the cuff and read out system properly, please and I stress “please” do yourself a favor take your equipment to a doctor and get this right. Utilizing a stable tracking and reporting method with the proper equipment fitting will ensure you get reliable readings. It will also include the all-important accurate history of your blood pressure. I believe that the price of a doctor’s visit to ensure proper use and fitting is worth it. Especially when it comes to the peace of mind, you get from knowing you are accurately monitoring yours or a loved one’s blood pressure.

Once you understand the equipment and how to monitor there are certain things you must do before checking and monitoring high blood pressure. First, it’s critical not to consume caffeine, alcohol or any tobacco products at least a half an hour before checking. Trust me on this one I love my coffee, and it’s hard, but it distorts the reading. Also, be sure you go the bathroom first and relax, don’t talk for a minimum of three to five minutes before taking a reading.

Now just make certain you are completely comfortable. Do not cross your legs or arms and keep your back straight. When you strap the cuff on make certain your arm is at the very same level of your heart. Rest your arm on a table or solid surface area. Make sure the cuff is properly positioned on your arm but that there is still room for a finger to be placed in the cuff before the reading. The bottom of the cuff needs to be an inch from the crease of your elbow this is very important. On some digital readers, there are markings for up and down. The big deal here is paying attention to the details and learn how to use the equipment properly. Remember it’s your reading and your health.


Comprehend what your numbers imply before monitoring your high blood pressure from the house. A blood pressure reading of 120/80 or less is a regular reading. High blood pressure would be 160/100 or higher. Keep in mind that the information in this article is not medical advice just common sense research. You need to discuss any and reading with a medical professional. However, anything between these readings might imply prehypertension and indicate a path to developing high blood pressure.

You absolutely should prevent high BP and prehypertension at all costs. High blood pressure is a killer. The bottom line is if you decide to monitor your blood pressure from home and discover your numbers are in the prehypertension stage or increasing consult your physician. Together you can find an efficient way of reducing your high blood pressure issues.

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