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Got $500 and a Computer? Here’s How to Become a Real Estate Investor

Want to invest in real estate but don’t want to be a landlord?

Don’t give up on your dream just yet.

There’s a real estate investing platform that allows you to invest in dozens of properties around the U.S. starting at $500.

It’s through a company called Fundrise, and it does all the heavy lifting for you. No down payments, no property management, no playing landlord.

Invest in Real Estate — Regardless of Your Net Worth

It works similarly to investing in a company through stocks, but in this case you’re investing in pieces of real estate across the country — perhaps a luxury condo in Queens, New York, or a modern home in Los Angeles.

What’s the big appeal? Just like investing in stocks, you have the potential to earn passive income through quarterly dividend payments.

Since 2012, Fundrise investors have averaged a net annual return between 8% and 12%. For context, the average savings account these days accrues less than 1% interest.

But it’s worth remembering: You’re always taking a risk when you invest, and dividends are never guaranteed. And just like other forms of investing, you’ll pay some fees — about $5 a year for every $500 you invest.

If you want to get started in real estate and potentially start earning passive income, Fundrise could allow you get there.

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