Sunday , March 29 2020
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How to Build Your Client List

If you’re like most clinicians, you want to maximize your time with patients. This makes sense, given the fact that you’re trained to provide medical services. However, marketing your practice—specifically building your client list—is also important. Building this list is an investment in the viability of your business, and it’s …

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Can Words Really Hurt Me?

Emotional abuse is real. In my line of work, I’ve watched women of all different backgrounds live through the pain it can cause, and I’ve seen it haunt them. I’ve seen them suffer the trauma of someone dominating, berating, criticizing, and chastising them. It brings unanswered questions. Questions like whether …

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The Science of Love

Over four decades ago, John Gottman set out to understand love through the lens of science. He measured the behavior, perception, and physiology of couples over time in his research lab (dubbed the “Love Lab”) at the University of Washington. Using the data collected, he was able to create equations …

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