Tuesday , April 7 2020


Use Bands to Build Bulletproof Abs

Physio bands are one of my best friends in the gym. They’re great for shoulder health, great for activating my sleepy lats before a big pulling day, and even useful for building some muscular endurance through exercises like lat pulldowns and triceps extensions. Lately, I’ve also been using them for …

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Why You Should Work Out Every Day

“We are mere bundles of habits.” William James My two-year-old son, Ace, is a pattern machine. When he finishes dinner, he says, “bath.” When we change him into his PJ’s he says, “read.” If my wife’s phone rings, he yells, “JuJu! (his aunt’s name)” If anything ever goes wrong, he says, …

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7 Exercises to a Bulletproof Back

Based on both my own athletic experiences and from working with clients for 10 years, I can say with certainty that back pain is one of the most commonly grumbled about annoyances. For some, it’s chronic lower back pain, for others its rib-induced sharp pain around their shoulder blades, and …

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Biceps: Do They Really Matter?

“F%$& the legs, let’s bench!” A common adage among the batch of men who prioritize a jacked upper body over the quads, hamstrings, and ass. (Considering the number of men I come across with chicken legs to go along with their massive pecks and biceps, clearly, there’s something to that …

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Never Eat Sweets Alone

In my last piece, I looked at how social norms, manners, and shame have successfully guided cultural behavior with far more fluidity, elegance, and success than legal intervention. As society sprints towards an era of tech-addicted sedentary living and mass obesity (a 2016 Harvard study predicted that of those between ages …

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Caprese Chickpea Burgers

Lighten up your summer eating with this chickpea based vegetarian burger. Mixed up with a compliment of Italian seasonings, these chickpea patties bring a bit of pizzaz to your table while providing protein and fiber. One of the problems I’ve come across when making vegetarian burgers is that they tend …

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3 Barbell Complexes for Fun and Profit

Whether you’re a weightlifter or a multi-modal CrossFit athlete, barbell complexes can be valuable for various reasons. Mike Tromello—a USA Weightlifting National Coach, who has coached many national-level weightlifters—explained the importance of barbell complexes within in the sport weightlifting. Barbell complexes are great for: Improving lifting mechanics Improving an athlete’s …

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