Tuesday , January 28 2020
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Women’s football is becoming big business

“IS THIS HOW we should show up before you come to our games?” read the frustrated slogan of the French national team, posing nude during the women’s football World Cup in 2011. At this year’s tournament in France figures smashed records without such desperate measures. FIFA, the game’s governing body, …

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BMW tries to turn a corner—and loses its boss

IN THE GRAND finale of #NEXTgen, an event held last month at BMW’s headquarters in Munich to show off the German carmaker’s vision for the future of mobility, Harald Krüger, its boss, unveiled the Vision dc Roadster. The staid 53-year-old mounted the futuristic, angular motorbike as if he were ready …

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How Americans became workaholics

AMERICANS LIKE to work hard whereas Europeans prefer a more leisurely life. That is the widely held perception of the continental divide in business culture. But it has not always been the case; 40 years ago, there was precious little difference between the two. In his new book, “Spending Time: …

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India’s stealth privatisation

IN 2007 INDIA combined two troubled state-run champions, Indian Airlines for domestic flights and Air India for international ones, in the hope that consolidation would produce higher profits and happier flyers. Instead, the merger created unhappy unions, shabbier service and mounting losses. Last year a plan to privatise the airline …

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Huawei has been cut off from American technology

AMERICA IS NO fan of Huawei. Its officials have spent months warning that the Chinese giant’s smartphones and networking gear could be Trojan horses for Chinese spies (something Huawei has repeatedly denied). They have threatened to withhold intelligence from any ally that allows the firm in. On May 15th they …

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Fiat Chrysler seeks a merger with Renault

THE RISE of the SUV over the past decade demonstrates that carmakers have done an excellent job of persuading customers that bigger is better. Renault and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (whose chairman, John Elkann, sits on the board of The Economist’s parent company) are hoping to convince investors that the same …

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Kraft Heinz gets a new boss. Can he save the firm?

WHILE WORKING at Coca-Cola, Philip Morris and Johnson & Johnson in the 1990s, Miguel Patricio gained a reputation as a marketing wizard. Shareholders of Kraft Heinz, who appointed him as the food maker’s chief executive on April 22nd, are hoping his magic touch extends to corporate turnarounds. Born of a …

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Lobbying in Donald Trump’s Washington

SINCE DONALD TRUMP was elected president, received wisdom has it, big business has run rampant in Washington, DC. The chief-executive-in-chief has filled his cabinet with fellow plutocrats, executives and, horrors, lobbyists. One who used to represent the coal industry runs the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The acting interior secretary, David …

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