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Two Elderly Dudes Escaped a Nursing Home and Went to a Heavy Metal Concert

Many places come to mind when thinking of a sweet old man in his last decade of life. Maybe laid back in a cozy recliner watching jeopardy, walking to the kitchen with his house slippers and a cane, or maybe relaxing on the front porch with thick-rimmed glasses and a good book.

But there’s one place that definitely isn’t the first image that appears when thinking of a couple of elderly men, and that’s a heavy metal concert. But for two German seniors, this was exactly where they wanted to spend their precious time.

In the rural district of Dithmarscher, Germany, two old men thought it would be a good idea to escape their uneventful life at the nursing home and attend a heavy metal music festival. I can only imagine the rendezvous that went down between these two dudes, sneakily buying their tickets in advance, packing their medications, tuning up their hearing aids, and slipping past the nurses and CNAs to make their quick getaway.

It’s obvious these men knew what they were doing because if you’re looking for quality, live heavy metal, this is the festival to go to. In Hamburg, about a 25-mile trek from their nursing home, the yearly Wacken Open Air music festival is considered one of the largest heavy metal festivals in the world, featuring some real head-bangers like Danzig, Judas Priest, Death By Sorry, and Cannibal Corpse.

And so, the two seniors made their way to the festival hoping to join over 75,000 other heavy metal fans for the four-day festival filled with intense drum sequences, aggressive vocals, and ear-splitting electric guitars. If that’s not every old man’s dream, I don’t know what is.

All Songs Come To An End

As much as I’m sure these two adventurous seniors would have loved to stay for the entirety of the festival, their caretakers quickly noticed their absence and called the police. The two men were found by authorities at the early hour of 3 am, a bit disoriented, dazed, and probably high on aggressive rock music.

They were taken to the festival’s medical tent, and after police explained why they had to go, they agreed to be escorted back to the nursing home. The heavy metal attraction was strong for these two elderly men, but I’m sure their families were glad to hear that they made it back safely.

Rekindling The Flame

Even with all the hassle, it’s clear that the Wacken Open Air music festival doesn’t discriminate by any means. Along with these two dudes, lots of senior citizens were spotted at the concert, rocking their delicate hearts out. And even though these men had to cut their fun short, I’m sure the reckless adventure reignited a flame in their souls and gave them the memory of a lifetime. I just hope their caretakers took a hint and at least hooked them up with a leather jacket and a couple of heavy metal CDs.

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