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Natural Sleep Aids You Should Try Over Sleeping Pills

Though scientists still are not entirely sure why we need sleep that should not diminish its importance. Sleep is so important that you can even get over the counter medications to aid it. But you should not rely on these to fall asleep. Our sleep cycles are extremely delicate and an over reliance on sleeping medications can cause severe side effects. Here are some natural sleep aids though that you can take to help you fall asleep, without the side effects.



Magnesium + Calcium

Taking this power pair of natural sleep aids is one of the best alternatives to sleeping pills/medication. Both help promote/regulate our deep sleep and REM sleep. This is the type of sleep that is most important for our minds and bodies. And the added benefit of taking them together is that the two cancel out any negative side affects that they may have on each other. For example, taking an excess of calcium can cause heart problems; but taking magnesium cancels out any of those side effects.



Passion Flower

If you are having trouble sleeping due to restless thoughts keeping you up then look no further than passion flower. Passion flower is a natural sleep aid that provides a soothing calming effect for your mind. Thus helping you getting to bed with a clear mind and quelling any anxieties you may be having keeping you up.


St. John’s Wortst-johns-wort-natural-sleep-aids

Much like Passion Flower St. John’s Wort is a natural sleep aid that helps calm you. For those that are having trouble sleeping due to depression St. John’s wort is a natural anti-depressant. And like Passion Flower, taking this before you sleep will help keep those depressive thoughts at bay and lead to a good night’s sleep. Which coincidentally in turn can help reduce depression itself. Check out this article on the affects of a good night’s sleep on depression.



Yes, good news for those IPA lovers. Hops work as a natural sedative and can help relax your body, helping you fall asleep faster. Probably why some people can get so tired off of one beer.





This powerful little plant is kind of like the cure all of natural sleep aids. Valerian not only helps you relax and go to sleep faster, but also improves that all important deep sleep and the overall quality of your rest. And the good news is that there are few side effects related to valerian so they are naturally a better alternative to any sleeping medications.

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