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Cutting the Cord: Why You Need to Drop Your Cable

These days with the various streaming services cable is becoming more and more obsolete. “Cutting the cord” has been gaining steam for quite some time. The reasons why you should cut the cord are nearly endless. It is cheaper than having cable, you can customize the content you want, less advertisements, etc. The worst part though is that the cable companies are doing nothing to stop the flood of cord cutters. In fact some companies have doubled down and are actually raising their prices without improving their services. That is why there is no better time than now to cut the cord. If you are on the fence or you recently cut the cord here are some services that will help fill that cable sized hole in your heart.



The original streaming service and the top dog currently. Netflix streaming services have you covered in the movies and TV show department. And with their ever increasing lineup of original movies and shows you are guaranteed to be binging for a lifetime. Best part about Netflix though, NO. COMMERCIALS.


Arguably a close second (some would say better than Netflix) to Netflix Hulu is your one stop shop for your favorite TV shows. Although Hulu also offers movies it is their TV shows that are the biggest draw. Though Hulu does have commercials it is nothing compared to what you see when viewing normal cable.

Premium Streaming Services

Starting with HBO Go back in March 2015 now you can get streaming services from Showtime and Starz. The great thing about these is that they offer their full library of shows, not just current seasons. So if you ever have that wish to binge Curb Your Enthusiasm, you now can (technically you could since 2015).

Amazon Prime Video

Like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video has become an extremely viable source for entertainment. Just like Netflix, cutting-the-cord-2Amazon Prime Video offers movies and TV Shows along with their own suite of original content. Best part is Amazon Prime Video is just an added bonus to your Amazon Prime Account which already comes with a ton of other benefits.


A fairly new challenger to cable, SlingTV is quickly gaining popularity for their “TV a la carte” services. SlingTV offers something that cable companies should be doing yet still refuse to do, the ability to choose what channels you want. This especially comes in handy when cutting the cord because of sports. Something that all the above services are missing is the ability to watch live sports. But with SlingTV you can choose the channels you want and in this scenario whoever is playing the game.

Cutting the cord has never become easier these days. All of the alternative services offered these days are considerably cheaper than cable too, even if you use a combination of them. The best part though is you get what you want.  With the nearly unlimited options to choose from you can easily transition from overpaying for a service you don’t need to paying for one you actually want.

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