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Courteney Cox Says She Saw ‘Springsteen On Broadway,’ Kind Of Hoped Bruce Would Pull Her On Stage Again

Courteney Cox went to see Springsteen on Broadway with her old friend Jennifer Aniston last year and, if she’s being honest, she was kind of hoping for a very special encore.

The Nine Months with Courteney Cox star revealed to Jimmy Kimmel on Monday night (Jan. 7) that she thinks The Boss may have known she was in the house that night — but not that she was with Aniston — which prompted Kimmel to ask the obvious: “Did he do that thing?”

The “thing,” of course, is Springsteen reaching out his hand and pulling Cox up on stage for an impromptu dance, just as the singer did in his 1984 video for “Dancing in the Dark,” which featured a then-little-known Cox. “I kind of was hoping he would have…trying to get his attention,” Cox said with a laugh. “But no he didn’t, none of that.”

Though Springsteen did play the song, there was no Born in the U.S.A.-era encore. Cox also described going backstage, where she was expecting to see some other A-listers, only to spot legendary 90 year-old sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer. “It wasn’t Bono!” Cox said. “She’s so spry and cute and adorable.”

Cox also opened up about her longtime love Snow Patrol singer Johnny McDaid, who she said is “my guy, he’s my one,” explaining that she calls him her “partner.”

“I’m from Alabama, so you don’t really say ‘partner’ unless you’re in the same sex,” she explained. “Saying ‘partner’ is difficult for me!”

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