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Cars with the Best Resell Values

In terms of investments, cars are pretty low on the list. Unless it’s some sort of classic car you are not looking to make more money than what you spent. When you buy that car new you are buying it at its highest value; and it will only depreciate from there. So when reselling cars you obviously want to get the most from your return. And the name of the game when reselling cars is finding the ones that people will want. You want to be buying the most popular cars because then you know that there is going to be a market for it. Yet you also need to look for cars that are known for reliability. You want to find a car that is sturdy and doesn’t fall apart too much with age, or require a ton of maintenance. With those attributes in mind here are the top car models you will want to target with the best resell values.


Toyota Tacomareselling-cars-tacoma

Toyota’s flagship pick up model, it’s no surprise why this is one of the best car in terms of resell value. It is a very popular car and Toyota is a company known for reliability. According to Kelly Blue Book after 3 years the car retains an amazing 71.8% of its original value.



Toyota 4Runnerreselling-cars-4runner

Moving from Toyota’s most popular pick up to its most popular SUV model. The 4Runner is the quintessential SUV and does it all. Which should come as no surprise when reselling cars that the 4Runner rates close to the top.



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Honda Fitreselling-cars-fit

When looking at sub-compact cars the Honda Fit is king in terms of resell value. This is due in part to its functionality; being praised for its fuel-efficiency, roominess, reliability, etc. In short this car does it all which is no surprise that there is a consistent market for Honda Fits.




Subaru Imprezareselling-cars-impreza

The Impreza represents value at its finest. The newer models have come with a suite of improvements including an overhaul to its exterior. Coupled with its improvements the price of the car has not risen much giving you great value. And according to Kelly Blue Book the Impreza retains more than half its value when reselling.



Subaru Legacyreselling-cars-legacy

You will start seeing a pattern if you haven’t already. When reselling cars in the mid-size category the reigning champ is the Subaru Legacy. With its top of the line safety and fuel efficiency features it is one of the most popular cars in its category.




Subaru WRXreselling-cars-wrx

Closing off Subaru’s control on the resell market is the Subaru WRX. Coupled with awesome features like touchscreen infotainment and top of class performance the WRX is a great vehicle. And thanks to being a staple in the professional rally car scene, the WRX is a very popular car.



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Nissan Maxima

One of the oldest Nissan models the Maxima has gone through many changes over the years. But when reselling cars the Maxima is a great choice. And now Nissan has come out with various trim packages allowing you to tailor the exterior of the car to your preferences.



Chevrolet Silveradoreselling-cars-silverado

If you couldn’t already tell but Japanese cars have cornered the resell market. Breaking that streak though is the Chevy Silverado. With upgraded fuel-efficiency and functional features like extended cabs/beds the truck has becoming very popular with buyers like construction workers. And with retaining 61.8% of its original value at resale it is no wonder why when reselling cars, there is at least one non-Japanese company to consider.


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