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35 Stunning Brown Hair with Highlights for 2019

Brown hair with highlights is an iconic trend that has existed for a long time, known for the mesmerizing contrast that results from blending lighter hues against a rich brunette base.

This striking combination can bring out certain hair features such as texture, volume, and even length, depending on the placement of the highlights, ultimately giving your hair beautiful dimension! Highlights can add warmth to your hair and give you that wonderful sun-kissed effect which every girl is wanting right now, and it can also be a fashionable way to contour your features by painting ribbons of lighter hues around the face.

Most of the time, this easy technique is done simply to update a brown mane that needs a minor change. It really is a very convenient way of stepping-up your hairstyle with the promise of a natural and effortless fix! Get ready to join the trend with one of these totally top-notch brown hair with highlights!

Rose Gold Highlights On Brown Hair

Rose Gold Highlights On Brown Hair

Instagram @she_runs_withscissors

We’re drooling over those hints of strawberry intertwined with a rich chocolate base! This pretty and refreshing style gives its wearer a pop of uniqueness and edge.

Dark Brown Hair with Red Highlights

Instagram @laurynality

This features a quirky and bright hairstyle that creates dimension without effort. Reds can spice up dark-toned manes and give contrast and depth.

Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Instagram @roadjanee

Give off a modest yet sexy vibe with these lovely locks curled at the ends. Take note of how beautifully a balayage can highlight your waves!

Silver Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

Instagram @glitterblur_glam

Add some flashes of lightning on your brunette mane for a livelier look! This is a very stylish technique to add brightness to your style.

Medium Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Instagram @hair_by_becky_s

If there’s one thing to love about this season, it’s this fall-inspired wavy medium-length mane that’s painted fantastically. The transition from dark to light plus the honey balayage make this one a real top-notch hairstyle.

Brown Hair with Blue Highlights

Instagram @stephaniekempsell

A cool way to wear ashy brunette hair is to pair it with electrifying mermaid azure streaks! This one’s an absolute unique hairstyle that will surely drop everyone’s jaws.

Reddish Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

Instagram @chrissycalderonuy

Amp up your bob with a combination of vibrant and dimensional colors! Wine hair brightened by light pieces produce a totally amazing dimension on straight hair.

Ash Brown Hair With Caramel And Blonde Highlights

Instagram @annabiancahair

Super light honey streaks create a really marvelous contrast against a dark brunette base. This style allows its wearer to have a lived-in low maintenance long mane that’s so beautiful for fall.

Light Brown Hair with Red Highlights

Instagram @ambersworldof

Become all ready for fall with this cute hairstyle! Stylist Amber did a half head low light with some reds to break up the lightness in her warm-toned mane.

Brown Hair with Red Highlights

Instagram @allisonnlogan

Why not add some vibrant crimson pieces all around your mane for spicy look?! This technique can save you the upkeep of having solid red hair and still offer you a hot and sexy hairstyle.

Purple Highlights in Brown Hair

Instagram @salonjadewi

Create an amazing contrast of warm brunette and cool violet tones swirled together in an envy-inducing hairstyle like this! It adds fun and dimension to any hair in a whole new level.

Brown Hair with Pink Highlights

Instagram @alexx_does_it

Kick it up a notch without major commitment! If you want to do fun color but can’t make it to the salon all the time, the best thing to do is add some funky streaks of roses to your mane!

Dark Brown Hair with Auburn Highlights


Transition your hair into this dark choco color with hints and vibrancy of reds that looks stunning on simple straight hair. Ideal when you want a super stylish look with just enough maintenance needed.

Light Brown Hair with Highlights

Instagram @yourstylistaj

A gorgeous color on a layered tousled lob – the use of face-framing blonde pieces around the face can make your skin look bright and lively!

Platinum Blonde Highlights On Brown Hair

Instagram @jessicahaircreations

Get an insane transformation when you opt for a full balayage of brunette and icy streaks. This cute style can rock it on any hair length.

Platinum Highlights On Brown Hair

Instagram @jessicahaircreations

Update your chocolate hair with warm vanilla streaks for more dimension. This color is surely marvelous on medium to long wavy hair.

Gray Highlights in Brown Hair


This one’s a really smart and gorgeous hairstyle to try on natural dark hair without requiring too much maintenance. A silver balayage plus soft waves make for a unique and gorgeous look!

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